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Team JusTus UMG D.C. Recap

Team JusTus UMG D.C. Recap

This past weekend Team JusTus was in attendance for the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare tournament that took place in Washington D.C.! JusTus, who originally had to start off by battling their way through open bracket play would find themselves shocking everyone and advancing their way all the way into pool play. JusTus advanced all the way from open bracket into Pool B accompanied alongside teams such as FaZe, VexX, Epsilon and EnVyUs. JusTus was not intimidated in the least and would show their dominance against the best team in their pool, FaZe.

JusTus would wind up beating FaZe 3-0 and also take down VexX and Epsilon as well. JusTus finished Saturday with the best record in their pool which placed them in the winners final bracket up against Denial eSports on Sunday morning. JusTus would struggle early and fall to Denial 3-0. This championship Sunday was one of “we should have’s” and the fact that JusTus came so close to placing top 8 but came up just short. Either way, JusTus played with a last minute pick up on 3 days of practice with Envoy. Envoy however, played extremely well the whole week as did the rest of the JusTus squad. But this lack of practiced proved to be fatal to them in the end as JusTus would wind up placing 11th. Not bad though for a team that had its ups and downs over the past month and had to play with a last minute pick up that actually proved to be beneficial.

JusTus also walked away with a $1,000 check in the end from the amateur prize pool and most would say that this weekend was definitely the boost that JusTus needs heading into Black Ops 3. This revitalizes the name JusTus back into competitive Call of Duty and etches the name into the history books yet again with another T-12 placement. Let’s take a little deeper look at who JusTus had to get past in order to get where they did this past weekend at UMG D.C.:

Team JusTus [1-0] vs Omega Red

Team JusTus [2-0] vs Rampage CoD

Team JusTus [2-0] Templar Alpha

Team JusTus [2-0] Circa eSports

Team JusTus [2-0] 3sUP Enterprises

Team JusTus [3-0] VexX Gaming

Team JusTus [3-0] FaZe Clan

Team JusTus [3-0] Epsilon eSports NA

Team EnVyUs [3-2] Team JusTus

Denial eSports [3-0] Team JusTus

FaZe Clan [3-1] Team JusTus


Team JusTus Pro finished in 11th place at the end of the weekend! Congratulations guys! Here are your final placements from this weekend at UMG Washington D.C.:

  • 1st: OpTic Gaming

  • 2nd: Denial eSports

  • 3rd: Team eLevate

  • 4th: Team EnVy

  • 5th: Team Kaliber

  • 6th: iSolation Empire

  • 7th: FaZe Clan

  • 8th: Team Orbit

  • 9th: Rise Nation

  • 10th: TCM Gaming

  • 11th: Team JusTus

  • 12th: Lethal Gaming

  • 13th: Epsilon eSports.NA

  • 14th: XGN Competitive

  • 15th: VexX Gaming

  • 16th: Stunner Gaming

  • 17th: Vanquish Gaming

  • 18th: Dream Team

  • 19th: Enigma6

  • 20th: Onslaught eSports

  • 21st: OpTic Nation

  • 22nd: Devoid Gaming

  • 23rd: Circa eSports

  • 24th: 3sUp Enterprises

  • 25th: Euphoric eSports

  • 26th: Tactical Turtles eSports

  • 27th: Repent Gaming

  • 28th: Bacons Trap Lords

  • 29th: Scorched eSports

  • 30th: DownGraded eSports

  • 31st: HitList Gaming

  • 32nd: Hostile

JusFlux 18 • Lead Content Writer @Justus_Pro