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Team JusTus Smite – SPL Week 2 Recap

Team JusTus Smite – SPL Week 2 Recap

This week marked Team JusTus’s second Smite Pro League game, this time facing against Team Dignitas. A team with strong players, and familiar faces. In the first game Team JusTus went for the following team compilation:

Fexez – Agni

VoteNBK – Apollo

Sozage – Nu Wa

Qiwen – Sylvanus

Xephyr – Fenrir

The first major fight comes in at 12 minutes. Fexez gets pulled into his death by No Escape, Qiwen get’s fearlessed into a death dealing combo by Tyr, Xephyr gets dived and dies to a shot from Astral Barrage, Vote gets chained to death by Ares and Sozage gets cleaned up by a Fearless from Tyr. This puts Justus at a noticeable disadvantage in Gold, Experience and Objectives.

The game ending fight came in at 23 minutes however, Qiwen blinks in looking for the engage and does find a good Wrath of Terra, unfortunately Team Dignitas turn this in their favor, getting a near full team decide, which allows them to finish the game.


Starting off with a disadvantage, Team JusTus go into the second game against Team Dignitas with the following team compilation:

Fexez – Isis

VoteNBK – Hou Yi

Sozage – Chang’e

Qiwen – Geb

Xephyr – Ymir

The first teamfight, though it is a small one occurs at 4 minutes at the right Mid Camps. The enemy Hades and Fenrir initiate on Xephyr in attempt to try and get a kill, but end up doing very little damage. Xephyr then follows up on the running Fenrir with a Frost breath and wall, killing him with the help of Qiwen and Fexez. Hades gets in the middle of the in an attempt to help, but only end up getting himself killed as well as giving Justus both Mid Camps.

The game progresses with a fight that doesn’t end with any good results for Justus, as well as a Gold Fury that gets taken away from Justus by a single auto attack. The game looked to be in favor of Team Dignitas but the game ending fight came in at 35 minutes. Team Dignitas had a 7k gold lead as well as the Fire Giant, they were pushing in on Justus forcing them to sit under phoenix and that’s where the final fight occurs. Qiwen engages the fight with Catacylsm, lowering Dignitas by a considerable amount. Hades dashes into phoenix using Pillar of Agony to try and get some damage off, but thanks to Fexez it only ends up killing him. Vote auto attack’s Fenrir to death on the backline, while Sozage and Xephyr clean up Apollo. That’s when Justus push up, kill Sylvanus, and end the game.