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Team JusTus Smite – SPL Week 1 Recap

Team JusTus Smite – SPL Week 1 Recap

This week marked Team JusTus’s first Smite Pro League match under their new name. Their first match was against London Conspiracy, a long time contender in the Pro League and a formidable opponent. Unfortunately for JusTus, their first two games would have to be without Qiwen due to personal issues. In the first game JusTus went for the following team compilation:

Fexez – Agni

VoteNBK – Xbalanque

Sozage – Ra

Argonath – Sylvanus

Xephyr – Serqet

The first teamfight came in at around 6 minutes at Mid Camp respawn. London Conspiracy initiated the fight with a Cataclysm (Geb Ultimate). However, they failed to deal enough damage to secure any kills. Shortly after however Argonath counter initiates using Wrath of Terra after being pulled into the center of the fight by Fenrir. Fexez and Xephyr dash into the fight following Argonath’s lead, which ends up securing the team two kills.

However, the most important fight came in at 24 minutes. JusTus started to bait a Gold Fury, but due to bad positioning on JusTus’s side, London Conspiracy turn the bait into a fight in their favor. Leaving Team JusTus with a decide, a gold disadvantage, and with considerably less Objectives. This led into a landslide for JusTus, which eventually left them with a loss against London Conspiracy.  


Down by one, JusTus go into the second game against London Conspiracy with the following team compilation:

Fexez – Ah Puch

VoteNBK – Freya

Sozage – Cabrakan

Argonath – Ymir

Xephyr – Bellona

The first major teamfight spelt bad for JusTus. The Gold Fury alongside 5 kills went the way of London Conspiracy, with only 2 kills going to  JusTus. Unfortunately, with a lead that only continued to grow for London Conspiracy, the game sealing fight was at around the 20 minute mark. London Conspiracy got a good initiation as well as a good fight, which ends London Conspiracy up with a Fire Giant, some phoenixes, and finally the Titan.

In the end Team JusTus go 0 – 2 against London Conspiracy. It was well played by both teams, but London Conspiracy takes the first set. Although JusTus did not perform as well as anticipated, with a full roster they hope to bounce back next week to prove themselves as an SPL team.