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Sponsor Spotlight: PWND Gamerz

Sponsor Spotlight: PWND Gamerz

If you are a serious gamer, whether it be on a console or PC, you know that focusing at certain times is a true struggle. For many gamers they turn to GFuel or Honey Badger to help them focus more in depth during tough matches. One company that I found to have helped me in maximizing my attention span is PWND Gamerz!


“PWND Aggro is a completely unique, high-octane, hyper-driven, focus-laden energy drink specifically designed for gaming. Aggro fuels you for gaming in a way no other energy could- it combines unique Russian nootropics, three different types of caffeine salts to ensure a steady release of energy, and cutting edge neurotransmitters to turn you into a gaming juggernaut.  Unlike any other formula ever created, Aggro’s bleeding-edge formula enhances mental function, reduces reaction time, and provides laser-like focus in ways you’ve never experienced.
For insane reaction time, laser focus, and unbridled energy, chug one (1) scoop about 30 mins or sip it while you crush your opposition.
Ingredient Breakdown:
N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine– Improves cognition under acute stress, working memory, and subjective well-being.  Aggro contains 750mg, and recommended doses are 500-2000mg
Agmatine– Increases blood flow, improves cognition, and reduces anxiety- all of which are awesome for gamers. The active dose for cognition is 1.6-6.4mg/kg per day, which is equivalent to 217-435mg for a 150lb person. Aggro contains 700mg
Oxiracetam– Improves focus, memory, and verbal fluency.  Aggro contains 500mg, and recommended doses are 400-800mg
Alpha GPC 50%– Improves performance in combination with racetams like noopept and oxiracetam, increases power output, and reduces cognitive decline.  Typical doses are up to 400mg.  Aggro contains 200mg
Picamilon–  Improves memory retention, recall, attention, and mood. Doses up to 150mg are typically recommended.  Aggro contains 200mg
Caffeine Anhydrous, Malate, and Citrate– Improves reaction time and acts as a stimulant.  The three caffeine salts have differing release times to promote steady energy over time.  Doses of over 100mg have the most profound effect.  Aggro contains 200mg
Noopept™ (N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester)– Improves memory, focus, mood, and cognition.  Aggro contains 20mg and typical doses rang from 10-30mg”
– PWNDGamerz.com
As you can see; a lot of science and hard work is behind the creation of each tub of Aggro. This science fuels gamers, powers hard working individuals and pushes you to a whole nother level. PWND does something that no other energy supplement does, it revitalizes you! It keeps your head in the game, when it matters!
So, what more is there to say? Head over to www.pwndgamers.com and pick up a tub of Aggro for yourself today! Also remember that you can once again use the promotion code “JUSTUS” for an additional 20% off your next order!
JusFlux 18 • Lead Content Writer @Justus_Pro