Roster Mania Break Down

As everyone knows the MLG Season 3 Playoffs were held last weekend in Columbus, Ohio as the top teams battled it out for the crown. We saw a handful of upsets and story lines throughout an action packed weekend of Call of Duty competition. In the end we witnessed FaZe Clan pull out the win over fan favorite OpTic Gaming to solidify their first place finish in the Advanced Warfare Season 3 league. Following the Season 3 finish at Columbus rosters began to fall apart as everyone expected. Here is a little breakdown for you in case you haven’t been keeping up with what has been going on with the latest roster mania:


  • Lethal Gaming: Lethal Gaming announced a new roster for MLG Finals in New Orleans consisting of: Holler(formerly on VexX), Ruiz(formerly on Tactical Turtles), Kade(formerly on Tactical Turtles) and Proto(formerly on VexX).


  • OpTic Nation: Following the exit of Mochila from this inconsistent line up, MBoZe decided that Mochila would be replaced by NAMELESS(previously on Team Kaliber) to complete their roster going into New Orleans.


  • Team Kaliber: Team Kaliber picked up former Rise Nation player Apathy to complete their lineup after NAMELESS decided to leave the roster following the Season 3 Playoffs.


  • Rise Nation: Rise Nation picked up veteran pro player Aches(formerly with TCM) following the exit of Apathy.


  • StuDyy: StuDyy(previously on XGN) announced that he is now a F/A for worlds.


  • Anticity: Anticity announced that he would be leaving Dream Team and is now a F/A for worlds.


  • PHiZZURP(previously on XGN), KiLLa(previously on XGN) & FeLony(previously with Enigma 6) announced that they are a Team of 3 for worlds.


  • TeePee: TeePee announced that he has left TCM gaming and is now a F/A for worlds.


  • Stunner Gaming: Stunner Gaming announced that they have released Baker from the team and are in search of a fourth for worlds.


  • 3sUP Enterprises: 3sUP announced that they have released Aries and have picked up Fox(formerly on dT earlier this summer) to complete their roster going into MLG Finals in New Orleans.


  • Team Orbit: Orbit announced that they have decided to release Accuracy and have picked up Replays(formerly with Denial) to complete their lineup for worlds.


  • Most Wanted eSports: Most Wanted announced that their roster consisting of Pacman, Goonjar, Ivy and Cells have decided to leave the organization. Most Wanted is currently looking for a new roster to compete under them going into New Orleans next month.


  • Octane: Octane decided to leave Team EnVyUs and then was picked up by Team eLevate to complete their roster for New Orleans:


  • Classic: Classic decided to leave Team eLevate and was then picked up by Denial eSports as their official fourth for worlds.


  • Aqua: Aqua decided to leave Team EnVyUs and moved to Epsilon eSports replacing Royalty for New Orleans.


  • Mochila: Mochila(formerly playing under OpTic Nation) has formed a team consisting of himself, Fears(formerly with TCM), Lacefield(formerly with XGN) and Royalty(formerly with Epsilon) for New Orleans.


  • Team EnVyUs: EnVy announced that they have picked up Goonjar(formerly with Most Wanted) and Jurd(previously on TCM) to complete their lineup for New Orleans.


  • Mutiny: Mutiny announced that they have picked up a roster for New Orleans consisting of Wolf, Stringo, Evasion and Psycho.


  • VexX Gaming: VexX announced that they will not be attending New Orleans and are focusing on Black Ops 3 with a current roster of Prophet, Fastball and returning pro Pluto. VexX will be in search of a fourth going into Black Ops 3.


  • Onslaught eSports: Onslaught announced that they will not be sending a roster to New Orleans.

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