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Q/A with Jus Kenny

Q/A with Jus Kenny


Q1: When did you first begin playing Call of Duty and what game kick started your move into the competitive scene?

A: I first began playing in Black Ops 1, grinding pubs with my clan back then. The game that got me into the competitive scene was MW3. I won like 8 tourneys back then.


Q2: What was the first event you ever attended and how did you do, who were your teammates, etc.?

A: My first actual event was UMG Dallas 2015 which I placed T-12 at. My teammates that event were Nelson, Wolf, and my Duo/Teammate as of now Assault.


Q3: Who has been the biggest mentor or inspiration of yours who has helped you to get to where you are at today in eSports (your role model, etc.)?

A: Back in ghosts the person that really got me noticed by pros was Parasite, who played SnD with me on that game. My role model and the person I based my game play off of is Formal. I’ve played a lot of tournaments with him and what amazed me about him was how humble he was and how he ran his AR. But my teammate SpaceLy has taught me a lot too he’s like my big brother when it comes down to my actions.


Q4: What are your short term and long term goals looking forward as a competitive player seeing the position where you are at now having already played alongside great players such as SpaceLy and StuDyy?

A: One of my goals is to be on the #1 team and be considered the best AR in the game. I feel like if I keep my grind up my time will come.


Q5: Do you plan on turning your competing career into something full time or do you plan on attending college? if so what would you like to become?

A: If my gaming career because really successful and I fulfill my goal then gaming will become full time even though I do want to go to college.


Q6: What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment you have achieved so far pertaining to Call of Duty?

A: I mean in ghosts I won a lot of tournaments with my SnD team but my biggest accomplishment as of now is/was when we beat Faze at DC.


Q7: Are your friends and family supportive of what you do and the amount of time you put into competing or is it something where you had to prove yourself in order to gain their support?

A: Once my parents saw that I was actually getting something out of gaming they became more supportive. For example, when I’m at events they watch the streams when I’m playing on them.


Q8: How do you think the current JusTus squad stacks up against other pro teams looking forward now that you guys have secured a solid To4 with Envoy coming on board and do you see this squad together still moving into Black Ops 3 come November?

A: Our team really surprised me at Dallas, considering that we only had 2 days of practice. I feel like if we grind as much as we know we can we can easily place T3. From what I’ve heard events in BO3 are gonna be 18+ it might just be a rumor I don’t know but if it isn’t then I doubt we stick since me and Envoy are both too young.


Q9: If Call of Duty doesn’t rebound in Black Ops 3 and “falls off” could you see yourself playing or competing in a different game such as Smite or CS? or would you just discard gaming and focus on your personal life?

A: I play Smite in my own time so most likely that but CS is really fun and I feel like If I had to pick I would play CS.


Q10: Last question, if you were the captain of your own team and had to pick 3 guys to team with out of anyone in the CoD scene who would you pick and why?

A: Assault because he’s the only BAL that I feel comfortable playing with. Huke because he’s one of the Best subs in my opinion. Last person would be Scump. I feel like this whole team is a fun and Humble team so we’d 100% work.


Thanks again for your time and I look forward to seeing how JusTus does at the MLG worlds in New Orleans! Thanks Kenny.

JusFlux 18 • Lead Content Writer @Justus_Pro