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MES Detroit 25K Recap

MES Detroit 25K Recap

This weekend Call of Duty fans were rewarded with another LAN to watch leading up to UMG Washington that takes place in another week. MES or Michigan eSports did an absolutely phenomenal job with the venue they put together, along with the efficiency of play from match to match.

To the surprise of many Call of Duty fans, MES was attended by a large number of premiere pro teams which is uncommon at a local LAN setting such as MES. Either way, this is a huge step for competitive Call of Duty in North America with top teams attending an event like MES. This may mean that MES Events could quite possibly become a 3rd major LAN host in the United States alongside MLG and UMG. That is all just speculation at this point in time however, that could definitely be the spark that competitive Call of Duty needs going into Black Ops III from a NA view.

Aside from all the speculation let’s talk about what went down this weekend and who came out on top on championship Sunday. The bracket for MES was formatted in a very interesting way with playoff games beginning on friday. Some teams played in playoff matches to see who would advance to play squads that were awarded first round bye’s. Top teams such as Elevate, Dream Team, Stunner and Rise Nation were awarded first round bye’s. This same format continued down the bracket as well with other top teams such as Relapsed, Epsilon(NA), tK and EnVy. In second round action we saw no upsets based on seeding, with the teams that had bye’s winning easily in 3-0 and 3-1 map counts. However, things became much more intense heading into third round play that contained several surprising results! Two matches that really shocked me were the 3sUP vs VexX and the XGN vs Tactical Turtles game. In the 3sUP and VexX matchup we saw VexX pulling out with a 3-0 sweep and T.T(Tactical Turtles) squeaking by XGN with a 3-2 series win as well.

Heading into round four we had only 8 teams remaining which included Elevate, Dream Team, Rise Nation, Epsilon, tK, VexX, EnVy and T.T. Two of the 8 remaining teams however, were plagued with roster troubles early on before the tournament even began. Aqua missed the whole event for nV because his flights were delayed for too long which forced nV to call down Merk to fill in for Aqua’s absence. Also, Epsilon had to play with teammate Remy who had an ingrown nail that bothered him the whole event affecting his overall performance. For Epsilon, this proved to be a true nail in the coffin with Rise Nation sweeping them 3-0 in round four. EnVy however would dig deep and show that they still had enough to place inside the money with a fill in taking round four over T.T. with a clean sweep as well.

Heading into round five, the teams remaining in the winner’s bracket were no surprise to anyone with all 1-4 seeds still in contention. Elevate was matched up against a Rise Nation team that has had several roster changes as of late that would be put to the test on LAN for the first time. Elevate showed why they are such a dominant team in the end with a 3-0 sweep over Rise sending them to the losers bracket alongside Team Kaliber who fell to EnVy 3-0 as well.
Elevate continued to prove why they were the best team at the event having not dropped a single map up until this finals matchup against EnVy and the trend would only continue. Elevate rolled past EnVy with a sweep yet again sending themselves into the grand finals against loser bracket finalist Rise Nation yet again. Having already played Rise Nation, Rise was looking for their chance at redemption and the chance to prove why picking up Burnsoff was the right decision. However, Elevate continued to show why they are the hottest team in Call of Duty eSports taking the series 3-1 and ending the weekend with a final map count of 17-1. Pretty impressive for a weekend of work leading up to the next major!

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